About Us

Innovation Beverages is a Product Innovation company and Supply-Chain Management that caters to Creators and Entrepreneurs in F&B industry since 2015. We collect the finest and freshest tea and coffee beans from ground estates in all around the world and store in proper warehouses to ensure the quality of the product remains at its best condition and to provide on time delivery to our customers. We strive to innovate and tailor to customers unique taste and requirement of tea and coffee and help them achieve their “Perfect cup of Tea/Coffee”


Our Mission
To help Creators find and launch the “Perfect Cup of Tea and Coffee” that suits their individual unique taste and market preference with their own branding.

Our Coffee Beans

Our green coffee beans are stored in warehouses with temperature between 20-24 degree Celsius to ensure its quality are kept in good condition. We source our beans from ground, working with farmers all over the world from Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Tanzania, China, Papua New Guinea, El Salvador, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduraz, Kenya, Uganda and etc. we also provide roasting service for our clients with packaging and labelling as well.


Our Tea


We offer more than 500 types of teas to choose from with a wide range of black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, jasmine green tea, earl grey tea, flower tea, slimming tea, herbs tea, and health tea. Our teas are sourced from reputable estates in Argentina, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya, Japan and many more. Ranging from tea powder to the most premium hand rolled tea leaves, we are able to customize and help you create your own brands. We are also ready to do custom packaging service to our clients requirements.


Our Soluble Premixes


We provide Instant Premixes for Milk Tea, Matcha Latte, Coffee, Chocolate Drink, Milk and many other innovation beverages. From individual sachets to bulk packaging, we are able to customize and innovate the perfect blends for Creators and entrepreneurs.